This is an audio from a live broadcast from April 28. Perfumer Paul Kiler (pkPerumes) and I evaluate some new ingredients from

Mysoral Base (synthetic)

Patchouli Oil 65% Patchoulol (natural)

Patchoulol (Patchoulyl Alcohol) (natural)

Clearwood Base (natural)

Bois d’Encens (natural)

Olibanol (natural)

Citronellol ex Citronella Oil (natural isolate)

Oxalide T (synthetic)

L-Muscone (synthetic)

Sauvignone 100 (synthetic)

You can order a kit of these here:


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Christine chats with UK perfumer Chris Bartlett of Pell Wall Perfumes. Chris sells his own fragrances, fragrance ingredients, he gives workshops, and he offers private consultations on all aspects of perfumery.  Here are some links to the things discussed in this episode. NOTE: CHRIS'S AUDIO STARTS OUT AWFUL BUT GETS BETTER AT 14 MINUTES. - Pell Wall Perfumes The British Society of Perfumers - American Society of Perfumers - Chandler Burr's book about Jean Claude Ellena (perfumer at Hermes) Geosmin US Geosmin- UK and Europe Green Tea Givco - U.S. - Green Tea Givco - UK and Europe Zenolide

Other compounds we talk about are Skatole and Theaspirane.

Are you new to perfumery? Check out this link for help:!-Read-this-first






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In this episode, Christine is joined by independent perfumers Paul Kiler of pkPerfumes and Kevin Verspoor of PERFUMEKEV for an intense evaluation session of ten powerful AMAZING ingredients from  Paul is a professional photographer who is also a self-taught perfumer, and Kevin is a master perfumer who has been classically trained and has as a perfumer at IFF, Haarmann & Reimer (Symrise), Fragrance Resources and Drom.  Having learned the craft of perfumery in completely different ways, Paul and Kevin bring their own unique and interesting perspective to this evaluation session.  Note that a kit of these 10 materials is available if you want to evaluate along with us.

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