In this episode, Christine has a chat with Australian-based perfumer and blogger Clayton Ilolahia, who is also the ‎Learning & Development Facilitator at Sydney Opera House. Clayton's blog encompasses his travels and experiences sampling perfumes around the world.  Christine and Clayton also spend some time evaluating 10 fragrance ingredients from including hedione, timbersilk, shangralide, norlimbanol and several others.

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In this episode, Christine talks to Hugo Bovill, owner of Ajowan Consulting, a network of flavour and fragrance ingredient consultants with expertise in essential oils, aroma chemicals and natural cosmetic raw materials, their sourcing, production, marketing and global sales. Hugo talks about his excursion to Africa a few years ago, and utilizing his 40 years of experience, how he can help new producers enter the flavor, fragrance and cosmetic market.

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In this episode, Christine talks to Pia Long about her obsession with Jim Henson's muppets, her brief career as a makeup artist, her experience working as a perfumer at LUSH cosmetics, and also the more serious topic of fragrance regulations.  Pia is a gifted and prolific writer in the area of fragrances, cosmetics and culture. A self-proclaimed "nerd," Pia has a blog entitled Volatile Fiction. Pia also writes for and ODOU Magazine.

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In this first episode, Christine talks to Award-Winning Perfumer Paul Kiler of PkPerfumes. Paul is an independent artisan who has been working his craft since the mid 1990's.  He shares how and why he got into perfumery, and also has some advice for those who want to do the same. Paul is also co-owner of the new online fragrance ingredients boutique, Perfumer Supply House.

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